Grateful patients, families and champions of superior cancer care are invited to support an Endowment or Capital project. Annual gifts made to the Cancer Foundation’s provide for vital programs in the next calendar year, gifts to Endowment and Capital projects are often paid over multiple years and will help sustain exemplary cancer care well into the future.

Outright gifts of cash or stock can be directed to a specific capital project or endowed fund. Pledges to complete funding can be made over several years. If a fund is established through a multi-year commitment, the terms of the pledge, including the timing of pledge payments and a confirmation of gift designation must be outlined in a Letter of Intent. A minimum of $100,000 is required to establish a new endowed fund. In order to ensure the Foundation and the donor have a mutual understanding of the donor’s intent, newly endowed funds require a fund agreement between the donor(s) and the Foundation.

To discuss starting a named endowment or capital gift, contact Lori Willis at 805-898-3620 or email Lori Willis.